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The EcoCampus Program

The EcoCampus is one of (the Foundation for Environmental Education FEE) programs. The EcoCampus is an award programme that provides a framework to guide higher education institutions on their sustainable journey and model sustainability as an integral part of campus life while involving staff, teachers and the student body by empowering them to become forward thinkers and lead the way towards sustainable development. click here. As of September 2019, there are 123 registered campuses and 43 Awarded campuses in 21 countries. 

Starting from 2018, Qatar Green Building Council became the National Operator for Eco-Schools & EcoCampus program in Qatar. QGBC works to maintain high standards and support the engaged universities through their positive actions to transform behavior in campuses and communities towards sustainability.

EcoCampus and SDGs

Universities need to become champions of sustainable development and play a leading role in the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


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How EcoCampus Works

The EcoCampus program consists of three structural elements:
  1. The Seven Steps Framework,
  2. The EcoCampus Themes, &
  3. Assessment for the Green Flag.



The Award Process - Green Flag

The application process to become an EcoCampus and get awarded the Green Flag is as follows:
  • Submit the Registration Form and Pay the Registration fee to QGBC. (Fee will cover the two-year program enrollment period)
  • Registered university shall comply with EcoCampus program 7 Steps and Themes.
  • After the 2nd academic year, the registered university submits the application form with supporting documents to QGBC for Green Flag award.
  • The Green Flag will be renewed every two years.


  1. EcoCampus Registration Form- March2019
  2. EcoCampus Brief Introduction
  3. FEE EcoCampus Resource Material

EcoCampus Registration Steps:

  1. Fill the registration form and send it to  ecoschools@qatargbc.org
  2. EcoCampus will contact you for the following steps
  3. for any inquiries contact ecoschools@qatargbc.org 

Contact us

For any question about the programs, please contact Qatar Green Building Council, EcoCampus National Operator:

Ruba Hinnawi
Technical Specialist, QGBC

Qatar Green Building Council
P.O.Box 5825, Doha-Qatar

Tel. +97 444540238, +974 4454 7430
E-mail: ecoschools@qatargbc.org