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Solid waste is one of Qatar’s growing challenges that emerged from the current vast economic and urban development. The country has one of the highest per capita waste generation rates worldwide. As a result, the Qatar Second National Development Strategy (NDS2) has set a target to recycle 15% of solid waste by 2022 and highlighted the importance of the private companies in achieving such targets.

In the efforts to tackle recycling of solid waste in Qatar, QGBC engaged with Subject Matter Experts (SME) to develop a quality validation program that would provide quality assurance of solid waste recycling process. The program is to assess the Quality Management Systems (QMS) in place in the solid waste units against similar requirements to those of BS EN ISO 9001:2015 in general and clause 8.3. “Design and development of products and services” in particular.

Al Tadweer program provides scalable guidance for the recycling industry – through its interconnected stages and providers – to transparently ensure the quality of its process and deliverables. QGBC advocates for a sustainability conscious and driven solid waste management in parallel with educating stakeholders and the community about best practices, thus developing a new low-carbon culture of waste management at large.


  Al Tadweer Target Sector

Al Tadweer program is meant to offer a validation pathway for the recycling industry covering the whole chain starting from solid waste collection and ending with manufacturing from recycled content. The program is applicable to:
  • Solid waste collections and haulers
  • Waste sorting and processing
  • Waste recycling into manufacturing

  Al Tadweer Program Goals

Al Tadweer main goals are
  1. To provide confidence in use through a validated quality audit and management system.
  2. To establish a quality benchmark within the industry
  3. To educate and build capacity
  4. To inform polices, regulations, and standards that would contribute to a wider national and regional market transformation

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