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Qatar Green Building Council - QGBC got awarded to host the Urban Thinkers Campus in Qatar - The Future of Doha, Implementing the new urban agenda - under the umbrella of the World Urban Campaign and UN-Habitat. The campus is an open platform for action driven discussions of topics and trends that can impact and shape the future city we need. UTC Doha main themes will focus on intelligent Cities, Sustainable Neighborhoods, and Private Sector engagement.


The past few years have seen major socio economical transformations (i.e. armed conflicts, demographic instability and relocation, and falling oil prices) in the middle east that are driving the urgent need to envision new solutions for resilient urban developments. Achieving sustainable resilient cities is the main objective of the Campus, such objective can be achieved by setting up the campus as an open platform for transparent collaboration and discussion between all stakeholders.
The campus is an opportunity to explore and harness the principles of the New Urban Agenda & the UN Sustainable Development Goals - SDGs to provide implementable urban solutions that are economically feasible, replicable and scalable using the urban transformation of Doha city as a case study. Doha city is a good representative example of several emerging cities in the region, hence the importance of the campus not only to tailor local urban solutions to Doha but also to capitalize on those solutions for regional and international application.

The main objective will be to showcase the proposed urban solutions in a clear structured Road Map, Action Plan, Responsibilities, Commitments and Priority Actions.

Topics of Discussion

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Program Outline

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