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Better Places for People - Building Sustainability for People and Planet

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28/10/19 10:40 AM Download ICS File
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As a member of The WorldGBC, QGBC promotes human comfort and wellbeing as an integral component of a green, sustainable built environment. Consequently the improved health, wellbeing and productivity of its occupants can be considered co-benefits of a sustainable building. As a building-focused organisation, we focus on features related to the building environment by promoting wellbeing as a component of a holistic approach to sustainability.

The fundamental project aim is proving green, sustainable buildings are better places for people as a way of engaging our audience towards demanding and creating a sustainable built environment.

This global project will accelerate a sustainable built environment by proving and supporting its benefits for people, particularly in relation to health and wellbeing. We recognize a number of important stakeholders with the power to exert major influence to swell the green building movement. We identify that industry (including both built environment and wider industry) as well as general public, academic experts, policy makers and many other bodies are key pillars for generating the large-scale change, and each have a role to play in order to achieve our goals.

This Framework will help us generate case study evidence to build a business case for green buildings in Qatar’s advancing market as part of the diverse global market and importantly will align it with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.



08:00 – 08:30



08:30 – 08:35

Welcome remarks (QGBC)

08:35 – 08:55 

Keynote Presentation: An overview of Health in All Policies (HiAP) and the Healthy City Programme within The National Health Strategy2018-2022 (Dr Roberto Bertollini, MOPH)

08.55 – 09:15

Keynote Presentation: Overview of Healthy Cities (Dr Samar El Fekey, WHO)

09:15 – 09:30

Coffee Break

09:30 – 12:00

moderator: Mohamed Asfour (WordlGBC)

Better Places for People framework overview and updates

» presented by Catriona Brady (WordlGBC)

CUNDALL’s WELL Case Study, the challenges, impacts and financial returns

» Presented by Hala Yousef1 (Cundall)


Botanical and Electrostatic Mechanical Air Purifiers & IAQ: Cross-sectional study in Qatar

» Presented by Lamya Salem1 (Harvard University)


ASHGHAL Presentation TBC


Wellbeing as a driver for sustainability in Qatar  

» presented by Hamoda Youssef (QGBC)

Panel Discussion + Q&A



Coffee break