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Start Date/Time:
28/03/18 8:30 AM Download ICS File
End Date/Time:
29/03/18 2:30 PM
Event Partnerships

MAKEATHON competition

As part of the MAKERSPACE initiative: Green economy, green business and entrepreneurship in Qatar
Makeathon will host groups of 5 people in a four-day design sprint style competition solving conditions relating to green economy. Participants will be mentored and equipped by Ibtechar with fabrication tools such as microcontrolling kits, 3D printers, CNC routers and laptops.

Registration is open for juniors, seniors and graduates.

Call for participations have been sent to Qatar Foundation universities, CNA-Q, Qatar University and Doha Institutes.

Timeline (26 - 29th March):
26/3: Kick-off (Hacking day 1) - HBKU College of Islamic Studies 27/3 Hacking day 2 - HBKU College of Islamic Studies
28/3 Testing Day (HBKU Student Center)
29/3 Showcase & pitch day (HBKU Student Center)

Problem statements categories:
● Waste Management
● Tourism
● Water Security
● Environmental Awareness