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From QGBC to its volunteers: “Thank you”

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13/09/12 11:00 AM Download ICS File
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13/09/12 12:30 PM
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JRAM_(11).JPGQatar Green Building Council (QGBC) honored its volunteers during a recognition ceremony, celebrating their efforts to support and advance green development in Qatar.

Taking place at its premises in Qatar Foundation, the event gathered together QGBC’s members and volunteers.

Eng. Meshal Al-Shamari, QGBC’s director, praised the volunteers: “I would sincerely like to thank each and every one of you for giving up your time – your most valuable asset –to serving our cause. Your efforts and support are essential to promoting a culture of sustainability in Qatar. I am excited about the priorities we have discussed for the coming months and look forward to building on these achievements through continuing to work in collaboration together.”

QGBC, a non-profit organization, depends on the strength of its volunteers and members to promote environmentally sustainable practices for green building design and development. The volunteer force is comprised of members from, who serve with the interest groups that make up QGBC, including, the Solid Waste Interest Group, Water Interest Group, and Green Infrastructure Interest Group. Through volunteering, members support QGBC by steering the agendas of the various interest groups and driving sustainability initiatives. Volunteering ranges from support at events, serving on the various committees, to education outreach initiatives.

Volunteers were in good spirit as they received their certificates and vouchers and expressed their pride in being part of a rapidly growing community dedicated to driving the sustainability agenda forward.

Following the recognition ceremony, QGBC organized a brainstorm session between members designed to generate ideas to help promote sustainability within Qatar.