Together let’s build
a sustainable future

Any organization, individual or student can apply for a standard membership at QGBC. As a member, you can demonstrate your support to the national vision and your credibility, and leadership in sustainability. You also benefit from the services offered to exclusive members such as free high value knowledge seminars conducted by Green Building experts, training, workshops and conferences provided at heavily discounted rates. Above all, you will be a part of this rapidly growing movement towards sustainable and environment-friendly building practices. Whether you or your company is new to environmentally sustainable building or deeply involved in shaping the future of green design, QGBC is your best connection to the people, knowledge, and tools you need to leverage your business.

Through QGBC, member organizations are part of a global network of green-building subscribers that includes government entities, leading real estate companies, developers, product manufacturers, and design firms etc who along with enjoying unparalleled benefits also are presented with cross-industry collaboration opportunities. The membership also demonstrates the company’s commitment to improving its environmental performance with use of our member logo on corporate communications and website. QGBC’s initiatives influence industry conversations which constantly add value to the immense networking opportunities and training programmes for the member organizations’ employees.

Acceptance Criteria*

It is QGBC’s priority to have a constructive engagement with all sectors and interested professionals to advance green building. Therefore, membership is open to organizations, individuals and students. Member organizations must meet at least two of the following criteria:

  • Accepting, supporting and contributing to the Green Building movement in Qatar or around the world
  • Organization’s agenda has an active Corporate Social Responsibility program that includes policies and programs demonstrating commitment to high achievement in environmental performance
  • Organization’s agenda complies with the Qatar National Vision 2030
  • Willingness, interest and ability to support and promote Green Building policies and initiatives
  • Having a sense of purpose, ethics, good standing and reputation


In addition to affiliating with QGBC, your company will enjoy many benefits that will help your organization stay competitive and grow your business.

Gain Knowledge, Education and Professional Development:

  • Receive 10 free individual memberships for your employees
  • Attend QGBC advocacy training and event sessions at discounted rates
  • Reduced rate on business forums and conferences hosted by QGBC and its partners and possible discounted or free seminars, lectures, and workshops
  • Free subscription to QGBC future newsletter and publications

Corporate Marketing:

  • Opportunity to promote Member Company in QGBC newsletter and publications, adding value to any competitive company working within the sustainability industry
  • Opportunity to display Member Company’s logo and hyperlink in QGBC website
  • Distinguish your company in the marketplace by using the QGBC member logo on your website and in your company’s marketing materials

 Get Recognized and Involved:

  • Serve on a QGBC committee to shape the future of green building
  • Participate in regional outreach efforts and stay up to date on local government green building programs
  • The opportunity for your qualified employees to participate in QGBC events as speakers
  • List your company in QGBC’s exclusive online member directory

Build Relationships:

  • Network with other members and meet like-minded passionate people within QGBC or its partners
  • Make industry-wide contacts beyond your business area
  • Build relations by being affiliated with a fast-growing brand and mission

Any individual becomes a corporate member by association to his or her organization, and is allowed to affiliate with QGBC and take advantage of member benefits as per the following:


Thought Leadership and Influence:

  • By participating in QGBC committees and workforce, you are helping to increase client market capacity and expectation in protecting the public interest by spreading awareness to impact the built industry, sustainability norms and legislation

Recognition & Competitiveness:

  • Certified Green Building Professionals will have an opportunity to serve QGBC as expert speakers or consultants during QGBC awareness and educational workshops. This will add great value to your resume and will be an excellent opportunity to spread awareness of green building

Education and Professional Development:

  • Receive invitations to seminars, training, business forums and conferences hosted or sponsored by QGBC. Attending such events provides an opportunity for career advancement and learning for students and employees

Networking & Building Relationship:

  • By joining QGBC membership, you will be among a community of professionals; you will witness the inner work of our dynamic organization and connect with green building advocates, business leaders, policy makers

Discounted and Free Events:

  • Reduced rate on business forums and conferences hosted by QGBC and possible discounted training sessions or even free seminars, lectures, and workshops held at QGBC headquarters

Intelligence & Information:

  • QGBC membership keeps you up to date with best-practice guidelines in sustainable building

Students are encouraged to participate in QGBC’s green movement to enrich their knowledge as well as serve as guidance leaders for other student members. Student members will have the same benefits as associate members and are given priority to attend educational seminars. Student members can also participate in education committee meetings.

AS QGBC members, students collaborate with their own schools in efforts to make Qatar more green and sustainable. Student members will also have an opportunity to showcase their work and projects at QGBC’s educational events. They will also benefit from guidance recommendations provided by heads of the Education and Research Committee.

Students can also play a leading role in the development of the youth forum. This is an important goal for the QGBC, and student participation will be critical.