Together let’s build
a sustainable future

Dr.Alex-Amato"Dear Members and Colleagues

Welcome to the Research and Innovation Committee (R&IC) which has been in operation since the start of Qatar Green Building Council some three years ago. The R&IC aim is to foster the collective knowledge and experience of our members to promote research and innovation. Most of our members have extensive experience at the ‘sharp-end’ delivering sustainability and consequentially have numerous ideas both for research and innovation. It is our task to gather these ideas together, often linking others with similar research and innovation objectives in academe and industry and thereby facilitate the process of research and innovation funding to further these ideas. It is our contention that research and innovation emerging from sustainability practitioners in industry and academe, is often at the forefront of the built environment’s sustainability agenda and consequentially can produce truly pioneering knowledge. This knowledge is then disseminated through out website, seminars, events and workshops that we regularly hold.

Our work is mostly achieved through our interests groups, the Water Interest Group (WIG), the Solid Waste Interest Group, (SWIG), the Green Infrastructure Interest Group (GIIG), the Energy Interest Group (EIG) and the planned Materials Interest Group (MIG) that will be formed in the near future. Whatever your background if you feel that you wish to be involved with a group that seeks out new sustainability knowledge, innovation and practice then do join us. Experienced or not, young or old, practitioner or academic all are welcome."

Dr. Alex Amato Davis
Langdon: Head of Research & Innovation

Dr. Alex has over 30 years’ experience in the construction industry. He has worked in both the private and public sectors in the UK and in SE Asia and now in the Middle East. His work has covered a wide range of design, construction development and research experience, in architectural practice, academe and in both the constructional steel and concrete sectors.

Since 1992, his research has focused on the application of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) to assess quantitatively the environmental impact of buildings, construction systems and products.

He has also taught architectural design, construction technology and sustainable construction in the departments of Architecture and Real Estate and Construction, University of Hong Kong and wider afield in China. Recently he became a QSAS Certified Green Professional.

The Research and Innovation Committee comprises of smaller groups of researchers, engineers, management executives and volunteers that concentrate on specializations within the green-building industry.