Together let’s build
a sustainable future

Solid Waste Interest Group

The Solid Waste Interest Group (SWIG) aims to raise awareness about issues of solid waste in the built environment with a view to helping companies and individuals eliminate or minimize solid waste generation and handle unavoidable solid waste in an environmentally conscious manner. SWIG has representatives from a broad spectrum of companies involved in all aspects of the built environment from design, through construction, building use and end of life demolition. SWIG is coordinated by Dr Sarah Clarke

Water Interest Group

The Water Interest Group (WIG) involves members of the construction community including engineers and senior level executives from respective stakeholder groups who aim to introduce water conservation solutions and to propose ways to change the region’s perceptions and behaviors towards water. WIG is coordinated by Andy Ford

Green Infrastructure Interest Group

The Green Infrastructure Interest Group aims to develop themes that exist outside of the building envelope, i.e. the wider environment – streets, parks, urban plazas natural habitat, coastal locations and even carparks. The group aims to encourage public appreciation of Qatar’s natural systems and their role in sustainable development, the landscape architecture profession and the development of green infrastructure as a national resource capable of delivering a wide range of environmental, economic and social benefits. GIIG is coordinated by Lee Allen (LEED AP QSAS CGP)