Together let’s build
a sustainable future


  • Established in January 2012, GIiG aims to develop themes that exist outside of buildings and deal with the wider environment – streets, parks, urban plazas natural habitat, coastal locations and even car parks.
  • The vision is to foster the development of green infrastructure as a national resource capable of delivering a wide range of environmental, economic and social benefits

GIiG’s Mission

  • Play a vital role in discussing the wide range of challenges faced in shaping Qatar’s built environment. This includes effective sustainable urban planning, climate change adaptation and mitigation, cultural relevance and social wellbeing and other related topics
  • Encourage public understanding of Qatar’s natural systems and their role in sustainable development and the development of green infrastructure as a national resource capable of delivering a wide range of environmental, economic and social benefits.
  • Stimulate research and networking to come up with best practice that would be disseminated to design and construction professionals in Qatar

The Rough Guide to Healthy Cities

Healthy Cities web.jpeg


Under the Healthy Cities Initiative, the Green Infrastructure Interest Group of Qatar Green Building Council has prepared an engaging infographic to highlight the benefits of planning and designing a healthy city.

The infographic is non-technical and targeted at design and planning professionals, senior school children and advocates of sustainable development.

The aim of the release is to inspire and inform the actions required to create healthy cities from an economic, environmental and social perspective.

Benefits and Importance to Qatar
Qatar is undergoing unprecedented change and urban development – now is the time to integrate healthy city principles.

A healthy city uses less energy, has good air quality, facilitates community interaction, supports active lifestyles and is generally a greener, more attractive and fulfilling place to live. These benefits directly contribute to the economy and desirability of Qatar as a place to live, work and visit.

The Future for this Project
As the Healthy Cities Initiative is evolving and responds to Qatar’s urban growth, the Green Infrastructure Interest Group relies on the knowledge of its members and welcomes contributors willing to make a positive contribution to the organisation, Doha and the wider environment.

Following the release of the infographic, a more detailed guide exploring the key areas of Planning, Energy, Transport, Water, Waste and Biodiversity is scheduled for issue later this year.

Our planet is at a crossroads. It is hoped that this initiative will inspire existing practitioners and the next generation to make the right decisions. Following healthy city principles today will lay the foundation for a sustainable Qatar for many years to come.