Together let’s build
a sustainable future


  • Launched in 2013, FMiG aims to gather representatives from all professional disciplines from the built environment to influence and lobby public opinion and policy to develop sustainable political and social FM Solutions.
  • The vision is to achieve a sustainable FM:
  • Sustainable workforce: building a skilled, motivated and committed workforce where high productivity is associated with staff being well-managed in a fair, equitable and transparent manner, with turnover at appropriate levels for the sector.
  • Sustainable contracts: the agreement has to be achievable, fair and non-onerous. The FM provider to have sufficient time to appraise, cost and mobilise, in order for all parties to realize the benefit.

FMiG’s Mission

  • Build skilled, motivated and committed work force.
  • Encourage contracts to be achievable, fair, non-onerous and performance driven.
  • Reducing the environmental impact and delivering cost benefits.
  • Lobby for social and political change and to drive self-regulation.
  • Stimulate research and networking to come up with best practice that would be disseminated to design and construction professionals in Qatar