Together let’s build
a sustainable future


  • Launched in June 2012, EiG aims to promote the establishment and dissemination of best practice in the energy industry, initiate research and development, and support the sustainable aspiration of our members.
  • The vision includes sustainability assessments, sustainable building design, intelligent building services and renewable technologies

EiG ‘s Mission

  • Safeguard the climate and promote sustainable development.
  • Educate and inspire technology entrepreneurs and company founders to reduce energy consumption.
  • Connect members with one another and facilitate discussions on favorable outcomes, as a support network.
  • Advise and assist in the formation and growth of promising startups.
  • Strengthen local technology and help build an innovation economy.
  • Motivate policymakers to promote investment in energy savings.
  • Stimulate research and networking to come up with best practice that would be disseminated to design and construction professionals in Qatar