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Basics of Sustainability in Facility Management

By:    Cynthia Skelhorn, Post-Doctoral Research Specialist, Qatar Green Building Council
          Hamoda Youssef, research Specialist, Qatar Green Building Council

On Demand Course
Duration: 4 hours

Gain broad insight and establish a foundation for adopting sustainability into your green building facility management practices. Understand the importance of sustainability in the built environment, and how it can improve the quality of facility operation and maintenance.
The workshop will provide essential knowledge for successful implementation of sustainable and efficient management practices in different categories like energy, water and waste. In addition, it will provide an overview of the certifications for sustainable existing buildings and their key requirements.

Course Objectives:

  • Understand the core concepts of sustainability
  • Identify the principles of sustainable Facility management policies
  • Identify the principles of sustainable energy, water, and waste management
  • Recognize the certifications requirements for existing building operation and maintenance
  • Understand the requirements for sustainable facility professional credentials

  • Course is delivered by On-Demand bases.
  • for further information contact Hamoda Youssef, hyoussef@qf.org.qa