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Net Zero Energy Building Course
“Professionals Edition”

By: Dr. Shady Attia, PHD, LEED Faculty, Assistant Professor of Sustainable Building Construction and head of the Sustainable Building Design Lab (SBD) at Liege University, Belgium

On Demand Course

Timing: 08:30 – 16:30 (Catering & Lunch Included)


This three days design workshop focuses on the design of Zero Energy Building design in Hot Climates, with special focus on the passive and active solar design. The workshop will provide basic knowledge and concepts for supporting the decision making and integration of the different technologies into the design process of Zero Energy Building Designs. Participants will be required to present final design concepts (using computer simulation tools) for proposed designs that reflect their gained knowledge and experience.
Participants will be made familiar with the concepts related to super-insulation, air-tight envelopes, high-performance window installation and passive house construction. Participants will become familiar with materials and constructions, internal gains, operation controls, weather Data, HVAC systems and become aware of technical issues influencing the energy performance of buildings.

Course Objectives:

This course addresses the skills and knowledge requirements for carrying out energy simulations for energy efficient buildings including:
  • Understand the theoretical and operational principles of Zero Energy Buildings
  • Apply computer modelling and simulation to address high energy efficiency
  • Possess practical skills in envelope design, HVAC consideration and renewable energy systems
  • Quality Assurance and Quality Control of Zero Energy Building Constructions
The workshop is targeted to professionals with engineering and/or Architectural background

Course Outline:

NZB Pro agenda

Participants Pre Course Requirements:

Windows laptop with software pre-installed (Software list to be sent to registrants prior to the workshop).


  • Course is delivered by On-Demand bases.
  • for further information contact Hamoda Youssef, hyoussef@qf.org.qa
Fees are inclusive of post workshop study materials and handouts.