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LEED v4 Interior Design & construction for LEED AP ID+C, Exam preparation

By: Hamoda Youssef, LEED Faculty & AP BD+C, WELL Faculty & AP, Head of Communications, QGBC

On Demand Course
Duration: 12 hours

This workshop will review the technical requirements of the LEED v4 Interior Design and Construction rating systems (ID+C). The workshop will cover each credit category, touch on every prerequisite and credit, and highlight differences specific to project type adaptations.

The workshop will provide essential knowledge for successful implementation of the rating systems by learning credit intents, key concepts, requirements, strategies, referenced standards and synergies within all credit categories. Synergies and differences for the Building Design and Construction rating systems will also be addressed.


  • Identify the intent, requirements, and strategies for success with LEED v4 credits in the Interior Design and Construction rating systems
  • Identify strategies between credits both within and between credit categories
  • Plan for key considerations and requirements for LEED documentation
  • Recognize how credit requirements lead to higher performing buildings and market transformation
  • Outline the process for achieving a LEED AP ID+C credential

Fees per attendee:

  • QGBC Member: 1,500 QR
  • Non Members: 1,750 QR

Fees are inclusive of post workshop exam preparation study materials and online sample exams