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LEED Technical Session_01

By: Hamoda Youssef, Head of Communications, Qatar Green Building Council 

2 hours , Next Session TBD

Msheireb Enrichment Centre, Doha Corniche

Timing: 06:00 pm - 08:00 pm


This session will discuss technical solution driven from LEED Credits achievability in the middle east. Additionally, the session will cover the recent technical improvements in the overall LEED process and their impact on Future LEED projects.
The Session will conclude with a panel Discussion between a number of Key LEED experts in Qatar. The Panelists will share their insights on the best practices and challenges of LEED application in the region.

Session Objectives
  • Get to know the most achieved LEED Credits in the region
  • Gain Knowledge on LEED Best Practices in the Region
  • Identify LEED Technical improvements
  • Understand the Latest Alternative Compliance Paths "ACPs" for LEED
  • Define main challenges in LEED application.

The Session will provide approved Continuing Education Hours "CE" for LEED professionals and GBCI Accreditations under the Credential Maintenance Program "CMP" - Two LEED BD+C Specific Hours

Fees per attendee:

  • Free to Attend Session