Together let’s build
a sustainable future

QGBconf_2106 Artwork

QGBconf_2106 Themes Brief_City.png

Suggested Topics:

  • Future cities and HABITAT III
  • Cities commitments under the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • Sustainable development, needs and requirements
  • Neighbourhood Sustainable development, challenges
  • Sustainable City master plan
  • City morphology & climatic response
  • Designing for hot climates
  • Compact urban form
  • Culture, morphology & climate
  • Self sustaining cities
  • Facility management provision for existing buildings
  • Energy audits/ benchmarking for existing buildings
  • Energy Efficient water desalination?
  • Small scale district cooling
  • Urban regeneration
  • Barriers to improving the performance of existing buildings
  • Role of governments in incentivising a sustainable buildings retrofit program
  • Retrofitting Cities
  • Role of private sector in adopting a sustainable building retrofit.
  • Trends in Green FM/ operation and maintenance
  • Green cleaning and housekeeping
  • Site management, what’s missing?
  • Calculating carbon footprint, challenges and opportunities
  • Sustainability into the National vision, the implementation challenges.
  • Life cycle assessments as a sustainable tool
  • Right sizing the built environment
  • Sustainable construction materials
  • Reducing carbon footprint, a national perspective

QGBconf_2106 Themes Brief_business.png

Suggested Topics:

  • Green Business opportunities for SMEs
  • Green procurement policies
  • Economics of sustainability
  • Sustainability cost more! But does it?
  • New technology, new methods of delivery
  • Green Business is a WIN WIN Situation
  • New Adaptive technology and methods can cost less and be more sustainable
  • Environmental Product Declaration
  • Life cycle assessment
  • Supply chain management
  • Green Business, risk and return
  • Challenges to innovative Green Business in Qatar
  • Legal Framework to Green Business in Qatar
  • Financing green business, opportunities & challenges
  • Green business trends, examples and case studies
  • Green business capacity building
  • Green services, the market gap
  • Creating a market demand for green business
  • Corporate adoption of a sustainable framework

QGBconf_2106 Themes Brief_Life.png

Suggested Topics:

  • Sustainability and behaviour change
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Social opportunities in sustainability
  • Sustainability as a solution for wellbeing challenges
  • Social impacts on sustainability
  • Sustainability for individuals
  • Social endorsement for sustainability
  • Sustainability @ work
  • Sustainability @ home
  • Sustainable food habits
  • Sustainability, the new social norm
  • Social commitments for sustainability
  • Marketing sustainability to the society
  • Sustainability for Kids
  • Edutainment for Sustainability
  • The use of Social media platforms in sustainability engagement
  • Citizens making difference, climate friendly habits
  • Role of Urban planning in behaviour change
  • Reducing carbon footprint, an individual perspective